sábado, 12 de abril de 2014


Hi, after looking for DIY videos in youtube about how to make your own lip scrub, this is what i came with:
We'll need  honey, sugar, cooking oil and, optionally, something to add flavour  like vanilla extract, cinnamon or a bit of Kool-aid.
Ok, let's start. First, grab your container or little bowl and pour 1spoon of honey, then, add 2 or more spoons of sugar (you can see if the mixture needs more or less), now mix it with a toothpick and add a little less than a spoon of cookimg oil, mix it again and finally add a little of your flavour if you want to.
Mix it all and you're done! I think it's better when you keep it in the fridge. the only promblem is the sugar might end a bit as a block with the honey so try to apply it like that or take it out of the fridge a little before you try it out.
I like to apply it straight away because I think the sugar works better that way.
So that's all for the natural and homemade lip scrub. Hope you liked it. If you do make it , please put a comment below or on my youtube channel or put it in instagram with the hashtag #EAMlipscrub
Thank you.

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