jueves, 23 de abril de 2015

Perspective drawing

Hi! Today's entry is, as the title says, about perpectie drawing. In art class, we were asked to do 'a view through the window' with perspective as our final project for the topic. We could choose if we wanted to do a perspective drawing on one photo or mix two or three. I chose two: London and Paris. From London I drew the parliament but instead of the Big Ben I put the Eiffel Tower.

I made a quick video on how I painted the drawing, so here it is:
Hope you like it!

Now I'll post some photos on the final project (including frame):

 Entire final piece



 Tea cup. (English element)
Can you see the teabag label actually going out of the cup?

 A macaron plate. (French element)

That's all for today!
Keep crafty!

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